Philip Wells The Fire Poet

Full of surprises, life & art   

Wells is superb - poetry for the
people at last!   

The foremost performance poet
in England

The real Poet Laureate  

Unnerving power…a real wake-up call to those who say that poetry is dead  

His poetry is a revelation…  there is a freshness  to his vision and a purity to his imagination, both conveyed in idiom and imagery which have nothing expected or hackneyed  

As champion of poetry as "The Mother of the Arts" Philip Wells has performed everywhere from Buckingham Palace to The Brixton Fridge, from The Royal Albert Hall to Channings Wood Prison, from Warwick Castle to the Edinburgh Fringe, from slams in Denmark to rap battles in Mauritius, from opera fringe in Ireland to inspiring AIDS orphans in Kenya, from BBC2's Newsnight and The Culture Show to Radios 3 & 4; in front of Prime Ministers, Robbie Williams, Joanna Lumley, hordes of 3-year-olds wielding balloon swords, Chairmen of multinationals and the mentally ill, the gifted and the profoundly disabled; in underground trains, sensory rooms, crypts and Claridges; from schooners, beer barrels, ancient megaliths and the Whispering Gallery of St Paul's Cathedral; beside hospital beds, trampolines, Victorian operating theatres, statues of dolphins and open-air Glastonbury candles.

Philip Wells has written KING with Stephen Barlow, an opera about Thomas Becket performed in Canterbury Cathedral; a play, FRANCESCO, about the life of Saint Francis; poetry collections for children and adults; and a novel about love and travel, DESERT BLOOMS.  He has an MA (Dist) in The Philosophy Of Religion from King's College London, and a BA Hons (2.1) in English with African & Caribbean Studies.