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Ningbo Baichuan Gangtong International Logistic Co., Ltd, founded by Ningbo Zhongya International Container Storage & Transportation Co., Ltd whose share held by Ningbo Zhongyuan Logistics Co., Ltd, is a new enterprise located in Beilun International Logistic Garden . We own 5 millions registered capital and provides a lot of service, such as cargo loading, storage, transition, LCL, stacking & mending & cleaning & renting of international container, forwarder and logistic consulting.

Ningbo Baichuan Gangtong International Logistics Co., Ltd located in the Leupp Los Logistics Zone of Ningbo Beilun Xiapu Logistics Park. The transportation here is very convenient, for we're in the center of the ports. Our company is 10kms away from Beilun 2 nd & 3 rd Wharf, 10kms away from Beilun Daxie Zhaoshang Wharf , 15kms from Beilun Fareast Wharf , 30kms from Meishan Wharf , 10km away from the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, 35kms away from Ningbo downtown.

Warehouse squared 15,000 ㎡ , now we own seven electric Fork -lifts, two heap high forklifts , two forklifts of three tons, one forklift of 10 tons, and one stacker; Besides, brand shelf, installed in the 2nd warehouse, has been put into full use.

And the warehouse is start working now. The 15,000 ㎡ warehouse can afford 2500 to 3000TEU volume, and 10000 square meters of spare warehouse is used to meet the demand for greater business.

Our company has got through the application for Customs Supervision Site, Now export LCL business is well developed. In order to achieve the better development in the future, we rent exclusive warehouses for the operations of LCL business.

Our company has already gained the C-TPAT Certificate, which is issued by SGS Standards Technical Services Co. Ltd. which is authorized by the United States Department of homeland security, customs and border protection agency authorized by the authority of the certification body in August, 2012. Its most important feature is to provide effective supply security chain management system and promote the flow of message and cargo for the clients, to ensure the safety of the supply chain in purpose of reducing the risk of being stolen on the way, which significantly enhancing the competitiveness of our company's service for the clients' export business in the European and American markets. Attachment: Colored Photo Certificate.

The warehouse is designed by the need of professional logistics, not just based on theory, and thus it can better satisfy the requirements of users. Its total area is 15,000 ㎡ and is divided into 3 storerooms. There are 3,500 ㎡ for the storage of heavy cartons. It also designed to devanning on high platform and loading on hydraulic pressure platform. What's more, it is protested by huge waterproof shed, which makes all the procedures can be operated indoors. At the same time, every unit owns its own separate working area and there is convenient communication, which makes the customers' on-site working.

The warehouse is well arranged, for its international building ensuring waterproof, fireproof, theft proof and dustproof. It is built with most advanced frame structure in China . The 5% of the area is made of lighting board, and thus even in cloudy days no light is needed for working indoor. The floor is made of dust & ware proof cement. There are video monitoring systems all around for safety. There are fire protection system, automatic spray system, smoke response system and fire auto alarm system to ensure the safety of the warehouse.

Ningbo Baichuan Gangtong International Logistics Co., Ltd will fully develop all the advantages of both the Logistics Garden and Zhongyuan Logistics Co., Ltd, grasping the market opportunity, and make every effort to build up a professional public modern import and export storage logistics supplier with various function.

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